Do you work with two photographers? - No. I will be shooting alone with 2 cameras. 


Can I purchase the unedited photos? - No. The raw unedited photos will not be available for viewing or purchase. A bundle of unedited, unprocessed images isn't the whole story, the right story, or the finished story. You have to trust the photographer to produce a final version that's just right, as right as a book is on publication, as a painting on hanging in a gallery, or as a sculpture upon exhibition. What you're paying for is the complete product, finished by the photographer and making use of all of my skills. All the photos you receive will be one by one carefully selected & edited before you receive them.


Will the photos I receive come watermarked? - No. All your photos will be free of my watermark, and also include a print release for you to print for your personal use.


May I post un-watermarked photos online? - Yes, though be advised you will need to tag your location and provide proper credit to Kittle Photography.


Does my wedding package include rehearsal attendance? - No. Rehearsal attendance may be purchased separately. Wedding packages are to cover one day events, not to be spanned over multiple days.


Who selects my photos? - You will receive an order form on your USB/CD which will explain how you will choose your photos.


Can you hold a date for me? - No. without a 20% deposit and signed contract I can not reserve dates in order to maintain fairness to all my clients.


Should I cancel my wedding day is my deposit refundable? - No. The upfront 20% deposit is non refundable. 


Do you have any discounts? - YES! Year round I advertise different discounts. I do however have a Military Appreciation discount that can be applied any time of year to any wedding, engagement, senior, or regular photo package A, B & C. **Discounts & Gift Cards can not be used for Mini Sessions**


Editing Time Frames:

Weddings: 8 Weeks (60 Business Days)

Engagement: 4 Weeks (30 Business Days)

Mini Sessions: 1 Week (7 Business Days

Packages A, B & C, Seniors, : 3 weeks (21 Business Days)

*Please note that editing times do not include weekends & holidays*

Rush fees are available for $100 which will decrease the editing time by 5 Business days (this can only be applied once per session)


Ordering Time Frames:

After placing your photo order please expect a 2 week time frame for developing & shipping and an additional 3-5 business days to be shipped to you.